You know something, Gwenny? You're just a fly! A low, out-shadowed fly!
—Kasey to Gwen
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Full Name

Kelsi 'Kasey' Hollywood-Brynes


Kels, Chelsea, The Mean Girl



Date of Birth

November 30, 1990

Resides in

Atlanta, USA



Eye Color


Hair Color



Mr. Brynes (father) Mrs. Brynes (mother)


Barry (Crush)


Gwen Pierce


15 (Season 1)
16 (Season 2)

First Episode

Fairest of the Mall

Last Episode

Girls Wanna Have Fun

Portrayed By

Piper Cruda
Shelby Wulfert (young Kasey)

Kasey is one of the main antagonist of Fairest of the Mall, who first appeared in the pilot launch, Fairest of the Mall. She is seen as the main set enemy of Gwen Pierce, and loves Barry. Kasey works in the Hut Store, as the Clerk. She really hates her job.

She is portrayed by Piper Cruda.

Background Edit

Early Years Edit

Kasey was born to Mr & Mrs Brynes on Saturday, November 30, 1990 in Atlanta. At the age of twelve, she met her crush, Finn at a amusement park. However, Kasey became jealous, when Finn saw Gwen, nearby where they were, and that Finn had a crush, on Gwen.

Biography Edit

Fairest of The Mall Edit

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Kasey appears in this episode, as the antagonist. She is shown to hate Gwen after her crush, Finn started to like her. In the pilot episode, she tries to ruin Gwen's reputation at the Mall, by framing her for stealing, in order for Finn to like her. Kasey is also shown to work at ''The Hut'', a famous shop in the Mall, in which she works as the Clerk. It is introduced that her family is very rich, and opened the Hut, in order to make even more money.

Episode 2 Edit

She is shown once, more, trying to persuade Gwen to buy her perfume, so she can get more pocket money.